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Office Moving Company | 5 Tips on How to Pack and Move Office Buildings


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Moving businesses can be very hectic and most people end up wasting lots of time and money just to have their things moved. It does not matter the number of times you move offices but if you have not gotten the point right then you can mess up each time you undertake the exercise. There are procedures that you need to undertake when moving businesses, some may need to be started even 4 weeks earlier while others can be done on the moving day. I have handled a number of requests from people who have been entrusted with the task of moving companies by their managers only to realize that they cannot do it all by themselves.


Through the number of office moves that I have coordinated, there are a number of things that I have learnt from all that. The key to registering success in this exercise is to ensure that there is good coordination and that the office staff needs to be motivated so as to make the process as swift as possible. Below are some steps that can go a long way in helping you move offices smoothly without any hassle or stress.

Planning Your Move

This is the starting point to the whole moving process. Planning is such an integral session apart from which the moving process could as well be jumbled up. You need to have a timeline showing all the stages that the moving process will entail starting from the beginning all the way to the end. You also need to discuss each and every step with the entire team so that every person who will be affected is brought in at the earliest possible stage. If the office is relatively small, this process should start about 6 month prior to the moving time. The key here is to start as early as possible so that you save yourself from the last minute struggles.

The next stage in the planning process is to ensure that you collect all the information that you need pertaining to the new place that you are moving to. If possible, you can acquire floor plans and other architectural maps that can show you the positioning of the sockets, storage spaces and other critical areas. You also need to get the layout of the current place where you are located so that you compare notes to establish the correlation between the two places.

While still in the planning phase, you need to ensure that you identify potential problems with the new location such as small reception setting or large open spaces that may need partitioning and even the size of the storage area.  You may find it necessary to hire carpenters and painters if the walls of the new place need a facelift.

Gather Your Entire Office Team

After the planning phase, you need to gather your team so that you can start organizing how the different divisions may be moved. If the offices being moved are large or medium in size, office moving companies recommend that you ask or appoint individuals from every division to help in coordinating the particular area being moved. The department supervisor or manager can be the most appropriate people to handle this. They need to ensure that every person in their department knows about the goings on and how they are affected. If the company is small, you do not need to appoint individuals in fact you can supervise the entire process on your own.


Have Meetings at Regular Intervals

The aspect of moving even if it is being handled by an office moving company needs to be well coordinated from within the company. Regular meetings can form very good platforms for updating your employees on how the process is going on. You need to ensure that your employees are aware of these meetings and everybody knows the timing and venue. Keeping every person informed will limit the worries and concerned that they may each have about the process.

Have Your Budget in Mind

Moving is such an expensive affair and having a budget before hand can help you. Before hiring an office moving company, you have to work out on your cost elements and see where you can come in and do it yourself to save some money. If you are not certain about the amount it may cot, you can get quotes from different office moving companies then compare.

Make Your Contact List

As earlier said, moving offices does not mean that you stop doing business. Let your stakeholders know that you are moving and services will be interrupted for a day or two. This will enable them make the necessary arrangements so that they are not inconvenienced as a result.


Author Bio:

James has previously coordinated office moves and sites such as Amovers in Canada and have proved very instrumental to him as they contain tips on how to organize and source for an office moving company.

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