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Basic Moving Tips

3rd April 2018 Moving Services

Basic Moving Tips

If you are about to move and it is your first time doing it on your own, you may feel overwhelmed. Even if you have some moving experience, that doesn’t mean that you know all the basics either. So in this article, we from Vosco Moving are going to tell you a bit about the entire thing and how you can make your move much easier and less stressful.

Remember that it all starts with research. There is no way to become better if you don’t spend some time looking at the best practices. What we will give you in this article is by no means comprehensive, but it is a good foundation, from which to start. So let’s go!

Basic Tip #1: Don’t Wait Around

Many people think that you don’t need to schedule your move super strictly. They wait until the last week or so and then start calling movers. This is irresponsible and will only get you into trouble. There are not many reputable movers that will be able to book you in just on a week’s notice. Their weekends will likely be filled and then you will have to resort to moving companies that charge more or don’t provide nearly as good of a service. So schedule your move in advance and stick to your plan!

Basic Tip #2: Your Movers Can Pack…

If you don’t know much about packing, you can leave your movers to do it for you. It doesn’t cost all that much, considering the amount of time that this is going to save you. Plus, your items will be packed safely, efficiently and will take up less space in the truck. Which is great, since less boxes full of things also means you will pay less in the end.

But note that you don’t necessarily have to approach your movers for that job, because…

Basic Tip #3: …or You Can Do It

Learning how to pack your items is one of the best ways to save money on your move. Plus the skill comes in handy throughout your life. You will become more organized and you won’t have to depend on others to handle tidying for you. And who doesn’t want a tidy place, right?

While this is easily said, it is not so easily done. The thing is that packing is not a simple job. It is good to do your research beforehand and learn more about what the best packing practices are. For example, you have to know why there are different size of boxes and which is suitable for what kind of things. Or the fact that some things must never be packed for one reason or another.


Moving does not need to be hard, but it can be challenging for sure. Don’t let it that discourage you though. You can do it, just take some time to learn more about the whole thing!

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