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How To Become Good At Packing

3rd January 2018 Moving Services

How To Become Good At Packing

If you ask people which thing about moving they dislike the most, the majority would say “packing”. This is not without reason. The truth is that packing seems simple only when you have not tried it. When you actually get to doing it, you see how frustrating it can be. Plus, it just soaks up your time, especially when you don’t have a packing plan.

The thing is that you can call your favorite Sacramento movers and they can do the packing for you. But then your move will cost a little bit more, which is not that big of a deal, considering how much time you end up saving. However, we know that some of you cannot give up on a challenge and want to show to everyone that packing is not going to get the best of them. So in this article we will tell you more about it, and namely – some important things, to which to pay attention.

Tip #1: Not All Boxes Are Created Equal

You may think that packing is as easy as sticking things into boxes, but it’s more than that. However, we will first take a look at the second part of that statement. Boxes. Yes, they are these big (or small) square-looking things, in which you put your stuff. But that’s not all.

In fact, boxes are different altogether. Just because you can go to your local liquor store and ask for their spare cardboard boxes, doesn’t mean that you should use them. Because they are likely not as sturdy and are probably beaten up a bit as well.

If you want your items to be safe, it is best to find yourself some plastic packing boxes. You can rent these through various services, so you don’t have them lying around when you don’t need them.

Tip #2: Packing Supplies Matter

“You get what you pay for” applies with full force here as well. If you cheap out on the packing supplies you may end up covered in stretch wrap that doesn’t even work. And it doesn’t protect anything. Oh, and a bubble wrap that is as good as nothing. That’s the thing – really cheap packing supplies won’t last through the move. So spend a little more and get much more in quality.

Tip #3: Weight Hierarchy

There is a simple principle – heavy items go in small boxes, light items in big boxes. And there is another one, which complements it as well – heavy goes to the bottom, light goes to the top. This applies to stacking the boxes, but also – if you have to mix items together, you always put the light on top. Otherwise, you risk the heavy thing damaging the lighter one.


With these simple packing tips you are on your way to become much more proficient in moving. Not that you will be a true professional, but you’ll be much better than most people. So go there and do your best!

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