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Piano Moving

Did you know that the average American will move at least 12 times during the course of their life? And that number is on the rise! That means that more and more people are on the look for professional LA movers. But this is not a simple task.

You should never underestimate how important it is to handle a household move properly. While many of us may be used to doing things ourselves, moving is one of those times that we better call the professionals. As simple as it looks, it should never be underestimated. But Vosco Moving is here to give you a hand!

The Challenges of Household Moving

Many people view moving as a sort of simple task that just needs some hard work to get done. But this is far from accurate. While it definitely requires hard work, it also takes a lot of ‘know-how’ in order to handle everything in a way that doesn’t cause you headaches or damages your items. If you’ve ever tried moving heavy furniture without some preparation, you know what we are talking about.

This is why we are proud to say that all of our professional LA movers have gone through extensive training so that they know how to handle every moving situation. We understand that you value both your time and your belongings, so we take good care of both.

What Our Services Include

Our LA moving company strives to provide a complete package for our clients. Do you need movers to simply transfer your items from one place to another? Or you want them to pack everything for you and even disassemble your furniture? Whatever the case is, we can take care of it.

We want you to have peace of mind, so our team of professionals will make sure to explain what they are doing at every given point. If you want to take part in packing your items, you can do that alongside our team. You can also guide them so everything is done according to your vision.

The services that our team can offer you are: packing and unpacking, disassembling and assembling furniture, loading and unloading, as well as the move itself. They can also set up the furniture in the exact way you want it, so you can enjoy your new place without the additional worries of moving things around.

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About us

Moving is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Vosco Moving is here to make your entire process of moving as simple as possible!

When it comes to relocation there aren’t many companies in LA with such an extensive experience as ours. We have serviced countless clients and throughout the years we have helped many people with their moving needs.